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When people think of careers in fashion, they often picture designers and models. It is true that these are two of the most well-known fashion career options, but there are several other fascinating careers that exist within the fashion industry. There are all sorts of rewarding careers available for those who love fashion.


Retail Buyers

Retail buyers make decisions about what clothing styles a company will offer in their stores for the upcoming season. This career requires people to have a strong grasp of business and fashion trends. They have to carefully balance the brand’s image, the company’s budget, customer demand, and seasonal trends to make the right choices.


Fashion Stylists

Stylists work with designers, photographers, magazines, and style blogs to craft stylish looks. This highly creative job often gives the stylist a lot of independence in the clothes and accessories they choose to showcase. They have to keep up with the latest trends while paying attention to color and design.


Garment Technologist

This career is undergoing a huge boom right now due to the focus on new synthetic materials. Garment technologists work to design new materials by carefully considering textile type, weaving methods, fibre weight, and more. Many work in clothing production companies, but some work alongside designers.


Fashion Illustrators

Illustrators work to turn designers’ ideas into a conceptual drawing. They often help with planning designs for fashion shows, movies, clothing brands, and more. Many illustrators also create drawings for use in advertisements and promotional materialIllustrators are increasingly in demand for fashion websites now, but there are still plenty of jobs available for illustrators in traditional print media as well.


Textile Designers

These designers are primarily responsible for the patterns that appear on fabric. Some designers simply draw two dimensional art that is printed on cloth, while others may work with various weaving techniques to create plaids, stripes, lave, and other patterns.


Fashion Public Relations

The fashion industry generates a lot of jobs for the public relations field. People in these jobs help retailers and designers build their brand image through interviews, photoshoots, articles, and more. They can coordinate media coverage and assist with some advertising when products are released.