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Andrew Leigh

President of Jerry Leigh

About Andrew Leigh

Andrew Leigh is the current President of Jerry Leigh, California-based garment manufacturing giant where, after 35 years with the business, he’s still excited to go to work each day.  

Andrew’s involvement with the company his father founded began early on in his life. He fondly recalls young childhood memories of playing among bolts of fabric while watching his father work. As he grew up, he became more involved in the business, honing his skills and refining his knowledge, preparing for where he is today.

Andrew truly feels like what set himself — and as a result, Jerry Leigh — apart from competitors is the fact that he grew up as the son of Jerry Leigh. In his formative years, Andrew learned a lot about the business from his father, but he also learned how to be a good man from his father who taught him the human element of caring about people above all else. From Jerry, Andrew Leigh developed his work ethic, his passion, and his drive. He likes to say that the reason he’s built a career in the apparel industry is that his father worked in the industry, and Andrew knew he’d follow his father’s footsteps; that being said, he loves the work that he does and enjoys going into work each day.  He’s grateful to be working in a field he enjoys and holds that enjoyment as the key to happiness in life: you’ve got to do what you love, and if you’re doing it just for the money, you should probably find another job.

Due to his love for the industry, his natural curiosity, and a desire to learn the relationship that customers have with his product, Andrew Leigh can also proudly say that, as President of Jerry Leigh, he’s one of the few people in the garment and apparel industry who knows how to create a garment from start to finish. Andrew loves the work he does and wants to be as knowledgeable about the industry and every aspect of the process as possible.

Looking to the future of the apparel industry, Andrew Leigh sees growth for Jerry Leigh. They’re looking to expand the Dickie’s brand onto a global platform within the Jerry Leigh family and continue to grow their cosplay, role-play, and costume arm as well.

For the latest from Andrew Leigh and his work in the apparel industry with Jerry Leigh, check out his blog!